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פרשת וארא

While learning the Netivot Shalom on Vaeira- this weeks parsha, I came across some interesting insights that I thought was very relevant to you all and will hopefully give you chizuk on your Aliyah. There are 4 statements in which G-d used to describe Him taking the Jews out of Egypt - vehotzeisi, vehetzalti, vega'alti, and velakachti. Each one represents a different way that the Jews were taken out. The Netivot Shalom explains that the statement vehotzeisi means that B’nai Yisrael needed to be “removed” from Egypt. They certainly wouldn’t have left on their own as they didn’t understand the terrible reality that they were in. Jews outside of Eretz Yisrael are in no way in the same reality as the Jews were in Egypt (thank G-d). Yet, your parents were still blessed to have seen past the reality of chutz laaretz- that it was not ideal for your family. You may have been uprooted from your home, but only now did you truly come home. Similarly, Hashem had to “remove” the Jews from Egypt because they didn’t realize Egypt was not their home. Even once B’nai Yisrael left, however, they weren’t fully comfortable about the journey. They didn’t fully trust Moshe, their leader, until they sang Az Yashir- when they saw G-d destroy their enemies once and for all. That’s when they had full belief in G-d and trust in Moshe. It brought them to such happiness that there they sang Az Yashir. You’re going to have challenges along the way -hopefully not as dramatic as the Egyptians pursuing B’nei Yisrael as they left. But you will have your Az Yashir moment where you will understand why G-d “removed” you and brought you to the land you are meant to be in. Shabbat Shalom! Tzippora (Special thanks to my brother and grandmother who helped me write this piece)

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