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Seal of Natan-Melech

In 2019, archeologists excavating in the "Givati Parking Lot" excavation in the City of David - the place where Jerusalem began - announced the discovery of a seal impression, dating back some 2,600 years, bearing the name of a Biblical figure.

The seal impression, half an inch in diameter, bears the name "Natan-Melech Servant of the King" in ancient Hebrew writing, the name of the royal chamberlain of King Josiah, mentioned in II Kings 23:11, in the context of the religious reformation being carried by the King of Judah.

"He did away with the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun, at the entrance of the House of the LORD, near the chamber of the eunuch Nathan-Melech, which was in the precincts. He burned the chariots of the sun." --- II Kings 23:11 --

City of David: Bringing the Bible to Life is a series of short videos highlighting archeological discoveries relating to the City of David - the place where Jerusalem began - affirming Jerusalem's Biblical heritage.

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Video credit: Gil Mezuman & City of David Archives

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