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Many teen Olim who move to Anglo communities don't have the opportunity to meet fully integrated Israeli teens their age. 

This volunteer program was designed for Olim and Israeli's to connect and learn from each others different cultures and lives. 

Teens around Israel are farming on their moshav, running to bomb shelters, hanging out with their friendly Arab neighbors or are in years of training to get into a top elite army unit! 

Meanwhile, many teens from places like Beit Shemesh, Ranana and Har Nof have not yet met Israeli's who don't understand English!


האם את/ה מעוניין/ת להיות בקשר עם עולה חדש/ה?
אנחנו מחפשים מתנדבים לתוכנית זו שתחבר בין עולים לישראלים כדי להכיר, לשתף, וללמוד על החיים והתרבויות שלנו, על הדומה והשונה.

New zoom program! Once a week the pen-pals will zoom each other:

first 10 min- catch up on each others week - ulpan hour!!
next 10 min- review new words from the week before
rest of time- TSGA will send out instructions to play a game, do a project or an educational activity - all geared to learning about each others different cultures


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טופס הרשמה לתוכנית לקבלת משתתף/ת עולה חדש
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