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Can We Live A Guided Life?

How far are you willing to go, to live a guided life? This week we just read Parshat Lech Lecha, where Avraham had his "calling" to go to the Land of Israel. Listen to this episode from the "Judean Experiment" with Jeremy and Tehila Gimpel where they share about their "calling", and how they took on the journey to live a guided life in the Judean frontier.

"One year ago we sold our home and almost all of our possessions to build the newest and deepest settlement in Judea, the Arugot Farm. I'm a rabbi, Tehila is a divorce lawyer and family mediator. Neither of us have any farming experience. Raising six children alone on a mountain is an adventure of lifetime. Join us on our journey to the Judean frontier."

Ep.2 - Can We Live A Guided Life?

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